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Canadaspousevisa.ca offers distinct services for application of spouse/dependent visa.  The term spouse visa or dependent visa is used interchangeably. There are many different categories of spouse visa depending upon the visa status of a spouse in Canada. Unlike other countries Canada has a friendly approach towards accompanying spouse. There are flexibilities and options to cover vast range of categories. As the name suggests spouse or dependent visa is for a person having his / her spouse in Canada and he/she wants to join him/her. The only common condition applicable to each category is that “your spouse must be in Canada on a valid visa status” excluding the visitor visa then only you become eligible to apply for a spouse visa or dependent visa. Spouse visa term is used in a wider sense. The exact visa type applicable will depend upon the visa status of a spouse who is in Canada.

The IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada intends to improve the ratio of visa approval under family re-unification which includes various spouse visa for the year 2017. The government has also started working on reducing the processing time especially for Permanent Resident visa of spouse.

The Definition Of a Spouse/Dependent As Per The IRCC


If you are married in Canada or if you are married legally in country of your residence, the marriage must be valid under the law of your country.

Partner as a Spouse

If you are married to same sex partner in Canada who is a Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident and have a marriage certificate issued by provincial government on or after 2003 to 2005 as per the policies of each province, then you are eligible as a partner. If your marriage took place outside of Canada then it must be legal and accepted by the law of the country where it took place.

Common Law Partner

Common law partner can be considered either for same sex or opposite sex if you have lived together as a conjugal partner for period of one year. You need to provide sufficient evidences to show the ongoing continuous relationship.

Conjugal Partner

If you are unable to live together due to situation which are out of your control and are in relationship for at least one year then you can apply for your partner under conjugal partnership. You need to prove and give sufficient evidences to show external constrains which kept you from living together e.g. different country of residence and visa approval not possible due to immigration barrier

Types of Spouse Visa Applications for Canada.


Canada is one of the fastest growing destinations for the International students. Spouse of any international student, who is enrolled in a full time study program of one year in Canada at a recognized learning institute, college or university are eligible to apply for an open work permit visa. The program of study must be full time and at least one year in duration. Open work permit visa allows your spouse to work full time while they are in Canada. The international student on study permit must have his/her studies in continuation for at least next 6 months to make the spouse visa application possible. There is no need of LMIA or Job offer at the time of application. The application for open work permit visa can made from Canada if your spouse is already in Canada on a valid visa status.


For all those who have their spouse residing in Canada as a permanent resident or as a Citizen can apply for a spouse visa in immigration category under family sponsorship program. The Family sponsorship program gives a chance to apply for permanent residency. The program is open around the year and has a longer processing time as compared to the spouse visa under temporary residence system. There are facilities/program offered by the government to join your spouse while the application is still under process.


Candidates who are already living in Canada with their spouse can apply for a change of status to convert their visitor visa to a spouse visa. There are students who manage to bring their spouse to Canada while they are on a study permit, on completing the program of study if the student applies for an extension then their spouse can also extend their visa status. Extension in case of a spouse visa is also possible under open work permit and for visitor visa group as well.If your spouse is in Canada, but you are unable to find the exact visa type applicable for you. You can inquire by filling the inquiry form in contact us section of this website.