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Spouse Immigration visa – within Canada

Canadian government has relaxed the policies for Spouse permanent resident visa. There have been positive changes which has benefited the applicants. We anticipate further improvement throughout the year 2017 as per the report of IRCC. Family sponsorship visa includes sponsorship applications for spouse, dependent children and parents/grandparents of Canadian citizen or Permanent resident. Spousal Sponsorship program is part of family sponsorship. You can sponsor your spouse for permanent resident visa if you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and both are above 18 years of age. However there are few conditions which need to be checked including previous marriages or sponsorships if any. Continuing stable relationship proof is the most important factor considered at the time of assessment.

If your spouse is already in Canada on temporary visa then you can apply for their sponsorship under spousal permanent resident visa within Canada. Both sponsor and applicant must be in Canada and must be living together. The applicant can stay in Canada until the processing of the application is complete and decision is reached. There are requirements and conditions which are to be met. The sponsorship is a part of obligation carried out by Canadian Permanent resident or Citizen to bear all the expenses and a commitment toward continuing relationship. Spouse applying from within Canada can also include open work permit application. Even dual application is possible. The processing time for spouse visa is much longer hence once your spouse receives approval for open work permit; it allows him/her to work while their permanent resident visa (spouse visa) application is still in process.

Similarly for a spouse who already applied for a permanent resident visa from Canada can later apply for an open work permit to work in Canada. The application checklist and forms are different for applicant applying in Canada as compared to applicant applying from outside of Canada. There are various conditions and eligibility requirements; our team follows a stringent verification on all these criteria with regular updates from IRCC. Knowledge about the complex policies, conditions and regulations is important before reaching any decision. We have well experienced team to guide you with most recent updates. Once we receive your query, we will guide you on various possible ways keeping in mind your profile. Our team has managed to achieve high ratio of approvals.

Spouse Immigration visa – Outside Canada

Uniting family members remains at a priority for government of Canada, be it for candidates already in Canada or for candidates living outside of Canada. There is an increase in number of application approved and reduction in a processing time. The trend is further expected to continue in the year 2017.
Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor their spouse belonging to other nationality or citizenship. There are certain eligibility requirements and conditions to be fulfilled in order to apply. The application is part of family sponsorship program. Both the sponsor and spouse needs to be 18 years or above. The spousal visa application from outside of Canada is processed in two stages. Firstly the sponsor’s application for sponsorship is evaluated. The average processing time for this is 40 working days. Once sponsorship application is approved then the main applicant’s permanent resident visa application is processed at high commission of Canada in their country of residence. The process is in two stages but the application is submitted combining both sponsorship and permanent residence application from sponsor and applicant respectively. The spouse visa application also includes dependent children if any.

Sponsor in Canada should agree to provide all the financial support for spouse in Canada. The applicant needs to fulfill other formalities including medical checkup, police clearance and in some cases interview might be conducted by the Canadian high commission. Applicant can visit the spouse in Canada on a visitor visa while the application is in process. The average processing time for applicant’s permanent resident visa depends on country of residence. However under new rules and regulation the processing time has reduced to one year.
Canadaspousevisa.ca has processing expertise and knowledge for applicants from different nationality and background. Understanding documentation and procedure for different country is very important. Earlier we have received positive approvals for difficult applications involving complex issues. At first we analyze the profile so that we can plan the representation according to profile.