Spouse Visitor Visa in Canada | Extension Open Work Permit Visa Canada | Visa Restoration | Change In Status
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Spouse Visitor Visa

Temporary residence visa includes visitor visa application. If your spouse is in Canada and you would like to join him/her in the shortest possible time then visitor visa is the best possible option. Once you are in Canada you can apply for a change of status. This will allow you to live in Canada on a visitor visa status while the application for an open work permit remains in the process through change of status. Once you are granted an open work permit visa you are eligible to work full time in Canada.

We can help you with the entire process from visitor visa till open work permit visa. Canadaspouse.ca will guide you with best options keeping in view your requirements. Our team will prepare forms and necessary drafts to represent your application at IRCC. The process will remain online and an average processing time for visitor visa is 3 weeks. The processing time differs from country to country. Even the application documents have some difference as per the nationality of the applicant. Our team has experience and knowledge of applying for applicants from various nationalities and backgrounds. Applying through a well-recognized and authorized firm can help you in proper representation to IRCC.

Extension of an open work permit or visitor visa

If you are in Canada on a valid visa status you can apply for extension of your status. International students can extend their stay by extending their study program in Canada. Visitors can extend their stay as a Visitor. For the spouse of an international student intending to extend their studies, can simultaneously apply for open work permit extension of spouse in Canada. Extension is possible in various categories of visa depending upon the status of sponsoring spouse in Canada. The processing time for extensions is usually 3-5weeks. In case if your present visa or permit has expired then you cannot apply for extension you need to apply for restoration first.

Change of status for applicant in Canada

Different people apply for different type of visa to enter Canada. Once they are in Canada they can extend their stay or also apply for a Change of Status. The difference between Extension and Change of status is that, in extension you have valid ongoing visa which you want to extend in the same visa category. While in case of Change of status for the applicant in Canada, you might have particular visa or permit on ongoing basis but you would like to change that particular category of visa or permit to another one. To make it simple, if a person enters Canada on a visitor visa he/ she can continue to stay till validity of visa, he/she can also apply for extension before expiry of the present visa or permit. While if a person enters Canada on visitor visa and then later within validity of visitor visa applies for student visa or study permit then it is called a change of status.

In case if person fails to apply for extension or change of status within validity of present visa then he/she needs to apply for restoration within 90 days or else must leave Canada.

Change Of Status




Regular Charges

Refused – reapplications with Caips.

There are various reasons for which an application gets refused. Mostly the applicants are given a refusal letter having general reasons for refusal. As an authorized consultant we get Caips report for our clients to understand in details why visa officer reached such a decision. The Caips report has more details in comparison to a refusal letter. Our team handling re-applications has years of experience in processing re-applications. We have number of applications who have processed their re-applications through us and have received the visa.