How To Apply -
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Create Your Account

There is no preparation required for this step (we promise), so you can create your account as early as you’d like. All you’ll need is some basic profile information – like your name, date of birth, address and phone number. And of course, you’ll need to provide a valid email address.



Your email address will become your username and the portal’s primary method of sending you updates and reminders, so make sure that you provide an email address that you check on a regular basis.

CHOOSE VISA TYPE offers distinct services for application of spouse/dependent visa. The term spouse visa or dependent visa is used interchangeably. There are many different categories of spouse visa depending upon the visa status of a spouse in Canada. Unlike other countries Canada has a friendly approach towards accompanying spouse. There are flexibilities and options to cover vast range of categories. As the name suggests spouse or dependent visa is for a person having his / her spouse in Canada and he/she wants to join him/her. The only common condition applicable to each category is that “your spouse must be in Canada on a valid visa status” excluding the visitor visa then only you become eligible to apply for a spouse visa or dependent visa.

02. Choose the visa type
05. Pay your fees


After Login You will be directed to choose the services . After you check all the services you want you will be asked to pay the total amount in Canadian Dollar .

By clicking on the pay now button it will guide you to the Payment Gateway . Just follow the instructions and pay . After successful payment you will be redirected to finish your application .

04. Understand Cheacklist

Applicant Checklist

  • Passport – “Bio data page and all stamp pages of all passports held”.
  • Digital Photo – ‘’ 35×45 mm white background matte finish with 80% view, without any border frame”.
  • Financial Investments and Funds. –“applicant needs to show funds in form of savings account, fixed deposits, or investments, the applicant should show good financial stability”.
  • Income proof – Evidences of employment/ business. “For employment proof you can include employment letter, job offer letter/appointment letter, pay stubs and tax documents”. “For Business you need to show registration proof, current account statements, tax documents”.
  • Academic Documents –“Secondary, Senior Secondary, Transcripts, Marksheets for Degree and Degree Certificate”.
  • Proof of relationship to Sponsor.” Proof of relationship includes passport copy showing spouse name, marriage certificate, or any other documents showing name, chat history or call history, marriage photos”
  • Additional Documents –“You can include additional documents like medical if applicable, PCC if applicable, finance documents and income proof of parents or parents in law”.


Sponsors Checklist

  • Passport
  • Document showing status held in country of residency (Canada)
  • Evidence of employment/business.
  • Letter of Acceptance/Enrollment letter
  • Bank certificate showing sufficient funds around CAD $ 12000 to CAD $ 15000”.
  • Lease agreement/ rent agreement or proof of ownership of house.
  • Additional documents – “Any other important documents”

05. Upload your documents


  • You need to prepare binder for each set of documents. E.g. for the Academic documents you need to prepare binder enclosing all academic documents.
  • The maximum acceptable size of each binder is 4 MB only.
  •  You can provide the documents in JPG/PDF format.
  •  You are requested to send clear scanned copies of the original documents wherever possible.
  • If binder is not named properly as listed in the above checklist you will be unable to upload the binder online.
  • In addition to this general checklist our counselor will provide you a case specific checklist once you are registered with


After Successful Payment you will be redirected to start your application by filling the series of questionnaire  and when finished you should submit the after review. Once submitted you will not be able to edit the application . Therefore save your unfinished application and click submit when you finish all your answers.

06. Start your application